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Own ‘1% pure goodness’?

You can order your  ‘1% pure goodness’ ring in our  online store. The gold -24K and silver- 925 rings are made especially for this project, they are wearable pieces of Art.

By purchasing one of the products offered in our online shop you become not only the owner of an exclusive art piece, You are a significant part of  the  Art for Gold project. By wearing the ring you represent that you stand for freedom!

1% pure goodness
A symbol of Freedom, to show you care


The rings are sold in our online shop and at Museum stores throughout the Netherlands. For an update on the museums contact us


Golden numbers

By purchasing one of the paintings shown on this page,  you participate in the global awareness project Art for Gold. We need your support to help make the project possible. Art for Gold is a nonprofit project and therefor all financial support is welcome. These paintings are made on handcrafted paper 24 x 30 cm. Price per piece 500,- euro incl. aluminium frame, pass-partout and tax.
Get your artwork now and participate! Contact for further information and to place your order.
There are only 20 items to be sold. Be sure to have the favorite an exclusive artwork of your choose.